To Ricochet Between Remembering and Forgetting

When I remember you, I remember you in bits and pieces; like unfinished sentences.

Like a poorly crafted movie that knows no fluidity of transition, there was nothing elegantly seamless about it. In fact, you could see the clear edges, the abrupt punctuation. It is not like a gradient where the cobalt sea melts with the teal of the sky, but rather, a series of ricocheting between remembering and forgetting, remembering and forgetting.

Laughter. Drive-thru’s past midnight. I don’t remember enjoying a fudge sundae that much, and I don’t even fancy ice cream.

An argument – to agree to disagree on 80’s music and peanut butter.

Late night mundane talks. “I had a really crappy day.” “Tell me about it.”

Apologies. “I can’t go to bed mad at you.”

Long drives. That priceless look on you when you go passed the speed limit. 

Moments of pride. “Fine.”

A pause. The hint of a smile that grew from the corner of your mouth.  “I love you”, you exhaled.

I remember seconds of you, seconds of me, seconds of us. Fragments that I have never been able to play as a whole. 

You weren’t a blur, but rather, a recurring clarity. 


Phobia in Manila

In light of the recent MRT mayhem in Edsa, and the unending horror-stories of modus operandis, it makes me realize just how traumatizing commuting can be in the Philippines. 

When I was still a freshmen student, I couldn’t help it – I was so tired that the stress lulled me to sleep on the FX going home. When I got off, I noticed that something heavy was dangling around on my hip, and when I looked to see what it was – I found a medium-sized foldable knife attached to the belt hook of my jeans (???). A failed attempt at slashing my bag? A practical joke? All I could do was let the theories swim in my head. 

Regardless, it was a wake-up call for my inexperienced commuter self then. 

I’ve had a friend who was held at knifepoint and had to literally fight the perps off. Thankfully, he left the scene unscathed – all his belongings and limbs intact (truly, when push comes to shove, adrenaline does have a tendency to amplify our inbred self-defense mechanism). 

I have yet to share a story with a headline of “faith in humanity restored”. For the meantime, my phobia shall reign over my commuter-subconscious and I shall enter every cab with an abnormally fast heart rate. 

Stark White Walls and Playing Dress-Up

Over the weekend, I had a spontaneous indoor photoshoot with my bestfriend when she came over to my place. Not that it’s any kind of justification or anything, but stark white walls and relatively good afternoon lighting somewhat warranted a creative revival of one of my favorite childhood past times: playing dress-up.

Or maybe I’m just really, really excited for fashion school in a couple of weeks. Yup! That definitely it. Cheers to making dreams happen, yes? *insert high-pitched clink of imaginary wine glasses*



Sharp x Casual. Blazer: Vintage. White Tank Top: Mango. Ripped Low-Rise Shorts: Forever21.


Floral Revival. Floral Top: Cotton On. Denim Button-down Top: Thirfted.


Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

#LadyBoss. Oversized Sunnies: Boyfriend’s. Black Crop Top: Topshop. Jeans: Topshop.


Rainy Day Chillin’. Crochet Cover-up: Forever21. Black Crop Top: Topshop. Shorts: Thrifted. Mug: Full to the brim or prop? Obviously.

10 Happy Things (vol.1)

Happiness Vol. 1

Happiness is:

1. Watching The Fabulous Life of Amelie Poulain

2. Visiting the GK Enchanted Farm – three cheers for social enterprise and countryside development! (more about this in another post!)

3. Tasting Reese’s Peanut Butter cups for the first time (What rock have I been living under? I asked myself that too, don’t worry)

4.  Not having to wake up to the shrill pitch of my alarm clock on a Saturday morning

5. The feeling of satisfaction I get when I help someone figure out the word that’s on the tip of their tongue (what can I say, I’m a word nerd).

6. Having roadtrips with friends (blaringly loud music calls for spontaneous karaoke moments)

7. Finally materializing plans for Boston and Canada this coming October (I’m beyond excited for this) 

8. Cooking Mozarella burgers and Bacon Mushroom with Pepper Jack Cheese burgers! (sharing the recipe on the blog soon)

9. Drawing freakishly close to graduation (3 weeks tops and I’m officially unemployed! scary.)

10. Enrolling for a short course in School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) on starting up a business in the fashion industry (I’m so happy about this I might just cry)

Hooray for endorphins running frantically through my veins! What does “happiness” mean for you today?

*This “10 Happy Things” post is inspired by Camie Juan’s “The Happy List” series. It’s remarkable how doing this picked up my mood instantly. Ergo, I recommend you try it for yourself and make it a habit too!

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

Compared to the whimsical air of Barcelona and roaring spectacles of Paris (as seen in my previous travel diary posts), Belgium’s beauty was more understated. Think Charlotte York from Sex and the City: an old-fashioned beaut amongst her seemingly au courant friends. It was nice to enjoy a pleasant kind of quiet for a change. Although the cold was pretty cruel and the kind that bites (quite expected coming from someone used to harsh amounts of sunlight and humidity c/o the tropics). 

Brussels, Belgium

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

This alley was filled with mouth-watering displays of artisan chocolate. Define sweet-tooth torture.

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

There’s something inherently medieval about Brussels; I could have sworn that amidst the low murmur of dutch conversations, a fiddler was playing a folk tune…

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

“Today is a good day, today I eat Speculoos” (my apologies for my brother who seems to have been possessed with excitement)


Waterloo, Belgium

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

The Lion Hill. Yes, the struggle was real. All 226, not to mention, STEEP steps of it. I’m sorry for all that trouble, lungs – thank you for not giving up on me.  I did, however, leave my pride and shame somewhere around the 87th step (if not earlier) because I exhaled and cheered a little too audibly when I reached the top like it was some kind of Mt. Everest excursion. That wasn’t a good day to wear heeled boots, mind you (to my defense, that climb was a spontaneous decision).

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

The Lion Hill overlooks this vast plain – and as well-groomed and solemn as it looks now, this was practically a graveyard back in 1815 of over 50,000 casualties following the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Waterloo, putting an end to the Napoleonic Era of Europe.  It was a good day for quite the history lesson and some ghost hunting. 

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

After we went to Waterloo we stopped by a carnival to grab a bite. But what we found was anything but bite-sized. Insert incomprehensible Dutch translation for “monster chocolate-stuffed churro” here. And while you’re at it, say hello to diabetes with open arms!


Orval, LuxembourgEurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

The Orval Abbey Church is such a serene place (the place had an almost eerie aura to it as if it cleansed me of all my negative energy) It’s a monastery located in Luxembourg and legend has it that all of this was built from a widow’s request – after a trout spat out her wedding ring which she dropped in a spring located in the vicinity of the abbey. Truly this is a Val d’Or (Golden Valley)! Hence, the name Orval


Brügge, Belgium

 Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

I spy Manilyn Monroe!

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium


Eurotrip Travel Diary: BelgiumThis place had an abundance of swans and they are such elegant and long creatures. It was practically begging for a portrait. 

Eurotrip Travel Diary: BelgiumGrote Markt. Cardboard cut-outs? Think again.

Eurotrip Travel Diary: BelgiumBrugge was such a quiet place. Literally. You actually had to keep the noise level at a minimum in this hidden village. 


Mechelen, Belgium (aka our humble abode for a week)

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Belgium

 When we come home from our daily adventures, we like to annoy the sheep in our backyard in Mechelen (stopping only when they decide to chase us out of the pen).



Belgium was cold and cozy, but I can’t wait to share with you our last stop, Italy! Home of Gelato, gladiators and the best risotto I’ve ever had in my life.


The Places I Frequent

In the domain of the the World Wide Web that is. 

Recently, my spare time is made up of a series of alt-tabbing, muse hunting, reading, and blogging. If my face is not buried behind a good book, my eyes are fixated on some lifestyle or fashion blog. My aimless online wandering usually results in a tab cue that stretches out like the Nile – you would think that my browser was taunting my laptop to crash. There’s a lot of fish in the sea, but I’m faithful to 5 (my commitment issues end here, of course). Here’s a shortlist of my personal favorites:


1. Manrepeller – It’s a collective dumpsite for fashion puns, and quirky articles like “How (not) to Instagram Your Relationship”“What Would You Wear if You Were Marrying Yourself?”, and “What’s Your Selfie Face”It’s food for the humor-and-sarcasm-seeking soul.

The Man Repeller

Leandra Medine’s typical “man repelling” habits.

2. Alyssa Lapid – She once wrote a love letter to her Valentino heels, and though it seems superficial to broadcast your sentiments to your designer stilettos, i’ll exempt her from such judgment given the caliber of her story-telling prowess. I love her travel diaries too!


Alyssa in a tweety crop top and a high-waist denim skirt ensemble. She makes the 90’s look so timeless.

3. Wild Spirit – I fell in love with Camie Juan’s blog during my Tumblr heydays (back when she had Ariel-red hair). Usually, I don’t understand the millenial mermaid hair trend but on her, it somehow manages to make complete sense (synonymous with my sentiments towards Birkenstocks and how it might as well look like Cinderella’s glass slipper on Miranda Kerr but I, however, think it’s outrageously ugly and should have stayed in the 90’s).


4. Style Bible – The online counterpart of Preview magazine which I read religiously. When I’m done devouring the newest monthly issue, this is where I hover over when I need my usual fashion fix and trendspotting.

Screenshot 2014-08-02 18.43

Liza Soberano is a vision in this coming August’s cover.

5. The Blonde Salad –  Chiara Ferragni is a personal lifestyle and fashion blogger based in France who turned her passion into a money-making machine is now considered as one of the powerhouses of millennial fashion. She even collaborated with Steve Madden to make a shoe line in her namesake! She is totally the poster image of THE dream (well, my dream to be exact).

The Blond Salad

Chiara makes the junkshop look like one hot mess. 


I don’t know about you, but these sure beat reading “17 things you have to do before you turn 30” or whatever self-help identity crisis article you find on Elite Daily.

Le Fableux destin d’Amelie Poulain


Popularly known as Amelie (2001) in the U.S., it is a whimsical French romantic comedy about an introvert that falls in love in the most cliche way: love at first sight. She trips on her own heartbeats over a man that has an anxious obsession for collecting torn-up photos discarded in a remote photobooth in the Gare du Nord, stitches it back together, and keeps it in an album. Fate puts the album in Amelie’s hands. 

Amelie Poulain who “loves to notice the details that no one ever sees” is intrigued by his unusual habits and eventually insinuates a cat-and-mouse love game. 

I’ll leave you with vague details in case you wan to see the film for yourself. But can I just say: I love how the movie is so meticulous. 

There’s this minor character named Joseph who is depicted as a jealous lover who has a penchant for popping bubble wraps, Amelie’s character loves cracking crème brule with a teaspoon and she likes skipping stones and finds pleasure in plunging her hand down a sack of grains (come to think of it, there is something oddly therapeutic about doing that – it’s something I’m always tempted to do when I see a sack of coffee beans). When Amelie’s mother died, her father dedicated his leisure time to making a mini-shrine in memory of her – the crowning glory? A garden gnome.

Just take my advice for it; it’s a pretty awkweird yet awesome movie.