God Bless the Foodies: A Little Tokyo Food Review

On Food Fantasies and Stalking Millennial Foodies

I don’t know if the Millennial generation is currently experiencing an overdrive in their food fantasies lately, but whatever is causing this upsurge in food choices and discoveries is something I’d like to be grateful for. God bless all the chef’s, aspiring chefs and “feeling chefs” (you still gotta give them credit, you know)  here in Manila (and everywhere else around the world for that matter) for being responsible for the latest “foodgasms”, as the youth might say, and for making dining decisions harder than it already is.

I think social media should also take a share in the blame; coveted celebrities’ and bloggers’ opinions are highly valued in this day and age. I, for one, am admittedly guilty for double-tapping in a heartbeat The Fat Kid Inside’s latest concoction on Instagram.

So high praises for Erwan and social media aside, I wanted to share with you a non-accidental discovery during Valentines Day (a sound conclusion which was arrived at after stalking countless of foodies on Instagram). So after staking countless of foodstagrams, we arrived at the sound conclusion of supposedly one of the go-to’s for authentic Japanese cuisine: Little Tokyo.

The name of the destination is exactly what it is, a cluster of Japanese restaurants in a quaint corner along Makati Cinema Square. There are several to choose from – and “Hana” was the pick of the night.


The Critique

Did expectations meet reality? For the most part, yup! My tastebuds just did not quite agree with the Takoyaki despite several food blog’s claiming it to be a “must-try” and “the best in town”. Other than that – Hana was a good way to pacify the Jap craving i’ve been having lately. A shoutout to my new favorite sushi (I promise to crave you every time Japanese cuisine comes to mind; thank you for momentarily taking me out of this world): Salmon Cream Cheese Maki.

Salmon Cream Cheese Maki

Salmon Cream Cheese Maki (insert John Legend’s “All of Me” chorus here)

Hana Maki

Hana Maki 

Spicy Tuna Maki Salad

Spicy Tuna Maki Salad (don’t judge a book by its cover, it’s actually really good – it’s probably not photogenic)

Next on the List

True enough, Manila is thriving with good places to dine. Cheers to the food-gossip trend that’s been going on lately and to acquiring new favorites and cravings!

So now that my sushi cravings will probably take the backseat for a little while, I think I’ve got just the idea on where to head on next. The Girl + The Bull (which I’m proud to say is managed by one of my batchmates from Zobel along with his girfriend – can you say power couple?) is making quite a stir,  and their Faux Twix Bars is haunting me like crazy – and i’m going to make a hasty conclusion that it certainly will not disappoint!