Stark White Walls and Playing Dress-Up

Over the weekend, I had a spontaneous indoor photoshoot with my bestfriend when she came over to my place. Not that it’s any kind of justification or anything, but stark white walls and relatively good afternoon lighting somewhat warranted a creative revival of one of my favorite childhood past times: playing dress-up.

Or maybe I’m just really, really excited for fashion school in a couple of weeks. Yup! That definitely it. Cheers to making dreams happen, yes? *insert high-pitched clink of imaginary wine glasses*



Sharp x Casual. Blazer: Vintage. White Tank Top: Mango. Ripped Low-Rise Shorts: Forever21.


Floral Revival. Floral Top: Cotton On. Denim Button-down Top: Thirfted.


Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

#LadyBoss. Oversized Sunnies: Boyfriend’s. Black Crop Top: Topshop. Jeans: Topshop.


Rainy Day Chillin’. Crochet Cover-up: Forever21. Black Crop Top: Topshop. Shorts: Thrifted. Mug: Full to the brim or prop? Obviously.


The Places I Frequent

In the domain of the the World Wide Web that is. 

Recently, my spare time is made up of a series of alt-tabbing, muse hunting, reading, and blogging. If my face is not buried behind a good book, my eyes are fixated on some lifestyle or fashion blog. My aimless online wandering usually results in a tab cue that stretches out like the Nile – you would think that my browser was taunting my laptop to crash. There’s a lot of fish in the sea, but I’m faithful to 5 (my commitment issues end here, of course). Here’s a shortlist of my personal favorites:


1. Manrepeller – It’s a collective dumpsite for fashion puns, and quirky articles like “How (not) to Instagram Your Relationship”“What Would You Wear if You Were Marrying Yourself?”, and “What’s Your Selfie Face”It’s food for the humor-and-sarcasm-seeking soul.

The Man Repeller

Leandra Medine’s typical “man repelling” habits.

2. Alyssa Lapid – She once wrote a love letter to her Valentino heels, and though it seems superficial to broadcast your sentiments to your designer stilettos, i’ll exempt her from such judgment given the caliber of her story-telling prowess. I love her travel diaries too!


Alyssa in a tweety crop top and a high-waist denim skirt ensemble. She makes the 90’s look so timeless.

3. Wild Spirit – I fell in love with Camie Juan’s blog during my Tumblr heydays (back when she had Ariel-red hair). Usually, I don’t understand the millenial mermaid hair trend but on her, it somehow manages to make complete sense (synonymous with my sentiments towards Birkenstocks and how it might as well look like Cinderella’s glass slipper on Miranda Kerr but I, however, think it’s outrageously ugly and should have stayed in the 90’s).


4. Style Bible – The online counterpart of Preview magazine which I read religiously. When I’m done devouring the newest monthly issue, this is where I hover over when I need my usual fashion fix and trendspotting.

Screenshot 2014-08-02 18.43

Liza Soberano is a vision in this coming August’s cover.

5. The Blonde Salad –  Chiara Ferragni is a personal lifestyle and fashion blogger based in France who turned her passion into a money-making machine is now considered as one of the powerhouses of millennial fashion. She even collaborated with Steve Madden to make a shoe line in her namesake! She is totally the poster image of THE dream (well, my dream to be exact).

The Blond Salad

Chiara makes the junkshop look like one hot mess. 


I don’t know about you, but these sure beat reading “17 things you have to do before you turn 30” or whatever self-help identity crisis article you find on Elite Daily.

Nostalgic Repetition

One of the million reasons why I am so drawn to fashion is the inevitability of its nostalgic repetition. At its very core, it is pretty much cyclical in nature. It’s only a matter of time before an outlived fad becomes a fashion statement once again. 

I find it genuinely intriguing how people ricochet between fickle love and indifference for their current sartorial preferences; the elusive and unpredictable nature of fashion keeps me on edge. Just as the new “it” thing has been declared, hung over and flaunted by modelesque runway figures, already at the other side of it, you can’t help but wonder: What’s next?

Take for example the “ugly sandal” or the Birkenstock trend, perhaps dating even further back to ancient Jerusalem days as Man Repeller’s Amelia Diamond blatantly puts it. Quite frankly, it does not serve to flatter your bottom region at all; if anything, it can make your feet look stumpy. And although there’s nothing inherently elegant about it (no offense to the sandal, though I’m sure it’s immune to such derision), it adds character to an outfit. It tones down an otherwise dressy ensemble. 

Enter Kate Moss in all her vulnerable teenage glory in the iconic editorial shot by the late Corinne Day (circa 1990s) which seemingly elevated the sandal as a fashion staple. 

Kate Moss


Kate Moss by Corinne Day

A little over a decade later, it is making quite the comeback (as seen on Miranda Kerr, whose legs remain unfazed and golden despite the sandal’s lack of aesthetic appeal): it is the perfect accessory for a look that’s gunning for understated rebellion or non-conformist casual. Since then, it has created a prominent divide in society: you either love it or hate it. 

But like most things, it’s so easy to get on the bandwagon especially if Miranda makes it look that good.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr by Alasdair McLellen

Carpenter dungarees are also coming into its own fashion renaissance. From a 50’s barnyard uniform, to red-carpet worthy, my childhood jumper sure has turned up its game. Although some might say that the perfect accessories for this article of clothing might as well be a straw hat, a harmonica, or a banjo, this country-staple does not seem all that misplaced in the city as big screen favorites Emma Stone and Keira Knightley take a leisurely stroll in their own effortlessly-chic dungarees.

Emma Stone Emma Stone (image via Glamour)


Keira Knightley (image via Glamour)

With this kind of turnout in current fashion, I am curious as to what vintage trend is next on queue… 


Vogue Dreams

Found a new place to hover on for when I’m in the mood for outfit inspirations. Have I ever mentioned that I have this bizarre plan of making it to Vogue’s editorial board? No? Well, there you go.

I came across this site earlier because of aimless clicking, and I practically devoured the editorials too quickly. And because I’m feeling generous, I shall share with you two that I fell hard for.

Katharina Damm by Jonas Bie for Eurowoman February 2014  (via BIA)

IMG_7133-612x867 (1)

IMG_7134-612x871 (1)

Alright, you got me. Well in case you can’t tell, I’m  seriously coveting the leather jacket on both looks for this editorial. The biker stereotype is somewhat tamed by the acid wash jeans and the nautical feel of the stripes, but it’s nice to know that the reference is there. I swear, it’s my next closet staple to be ticked off on my list soon.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *   *

Dan King featuring Camille Rowe for ELLE FRANCE  (via BIA)



This Duel Au Soleil (duel in the sun) editorial features a boho chic look which is absolutely perfect for my future sand dune adventures in Dubai (it’s part of my destinations to hit before I turn 30 – a list which I incidentally thought of just now). I’m really digging the gold embellishments of the first look; gold vs white perfectly compliments sun-kissed skin don’t you think? Meanwhile, the morrocan vibe of the Ralph Lauren poncho on the second look is warmer to the eyes, and looks pretty darn comfy too. Hmm Morocco. Consider that added to my list too.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

So what have we established by the end of this post? I think leather jackets are divine, I like making spontaneous lists and I have this masterplan of making it big in the fashion publication scene one day.