10 Random Facts

When I was still in prep, “tag” was a game I liked to play with other kids who were also missing their two front teeth. We’d run around the field and scream tagging people with then-tiny hands, desperately reaching for the nearest limb to pass on the “virus”. This goes on until we’re breathless and sweaty, or until the teacher whistles in the end of recess.

Now, tagging has evolved into a social-media function. It’s become a “viral” way of spreading awareness, building a sense of community, or just merely creating a hype.

Recently, I’ve been tagged by several people to do “1o random facts about yourself”. Call it riding the bandwagon or what have you, but I actually like these things because it’s an opportunity for self discovery. So here it goes:


10 random things about me:

  1. Some people like to collect comics, shells, or whatnot but I like to collect words. I’m a self-professed word nerd. I used to highlight my favorite words in the dictionary; now I write them down in a little pocket notebook which also houses my favorite sentences/phrases in books I read. I feel most fulfilled when I help someone think of that word that’s at the tip of their tongue. I live for that moment when they repeat that word and nod aggressively in agreement and in relief.
  1. I get migraines a lot when I’m exposed to drastic temperature changes (like say, being drenched under the cruel Manila heat one minute then being in an artic cold room the next? pretty much a quick and easy recipe for a nervous system malfunction in my case). At one point, it was so painful and drove me mad that I made a rap about it.
  1. I love writing and I like making things too, though I flutter from one love to another. It’s either I’m obsessed about taking photos (mostly creative clutter), working on watercolor and calligraphy, or on a blog slash writing frenzy.
  1. I prefer to cook rather than to bake, but maybe that’s partly because of our faulty oven. But one day, I’m going to make Lauren Conrad’s Beach Sprinkle Donuts and a Hazelnut Ferrero Cake whether my oven agrees with me or not.
  1. I love my comfort foods: my top 3 being pancake house’s spaghetti, California Pizza Kitchen’s Pepperoni Pizza, and homemade French toast with cream cheese topped with fresh fruits.
  2. If I could adopt a wild animal it would be a sloth. People find them creepy, but I think they’re effortlessly funny.
  3. You know how they say that our body is made of 70% water? I think coffee runs madly in my veins. I used to drink it back in college to keep me awake for all-nighters, but I’m guessing my body found it funny to work on reverse and it would make me sleepy instead. Is there a disorder for consuming coffee in excess?
  4. My phobia of accidents comes from a weird fetish of watching Air Crash Investigation on Nat Geo and Fox Crime.
  5. Up to now, I’m still scared of that pop the balloon with your butt relay game. I would always sit it out as a kid, and as a grown woman I still would.
  6. I love the smell of crayons, fresh basil, a new book, Vogue magazines, and frying garlic and I hated marshmallows until I roasted my first smores by the beach. Awesome.





  1. #1 I sort of do the same thing especially when I read books and I find something interesting, I flag the page. I also sometimes jot down phrases on a little pad.

    #10 Next best thing with fried garlic is baked garlic!!

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