Le Fableux destin d’Amelie Poulain


Popularly known as Amelie (2001) in the U.S., it is a whimsical French romantic comedy about an introvert that falls in love in the most cliche way: love at first sight. She trips on her own heartbeats over a man that has an anxious obsession for collecting torn-up photos discarded in a remote photobooth in the Gare du Nord, stitches it back together, and keeps it in an album. Fate puts the album in Amelie’s hands. 

Amelie Poulain who “loves to notice the details that no one ever sees” is intrigued by his unusual habits and eventually insinuates a cat-and-mouse love game. 

I’ll leave you with vague details in case you wan to see the film for yourself. But can I just say: I love how the movie is so meticulous. 

There’s this minor character named Joseph who is depicted as a jealous lover who has a penchant for popping bubble wraps, Amelie’s character loves cracking crème brule with a teaspoon and she likes skipping stones and finds pleasure in plunging her hand down a sack of grains (come to think of it, there is something oddly therapeutic about doing that – it’s something I’m always tempted to do when I see a sack of coffee beans). When Amelie’s mother died, her father dedicated his leisure time to making a mini-shrine in memory of her – the crowning glory? A garden gnome.

Just take my advice for it; it’s a pretty awkweird yet awesome movie. 


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