Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona

I know it’s been more than a year. And to say that this travel diary is overdue would be an understatement. But I owe it to the experience, to immortalize it the best way I can. I’ll keep the narration to a minimum and let the photos do most of the talking for this one (with the exception of a few side stories along the way). I’m going to do this chronologically, so I guess i’ll start this off with my personal favorite: Barcelona!


Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona

Our apartment (bottom left) had a glorious view of the city. (The windows gave me this uncanny feeling of waking up the neighbors with the “Morning’s Here” song – do me a favor and click the link! It’s a pick-me-upper. Either that or it’ll just annoy you.)


Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona

Among the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll find these quaint places where you can enjoy a cafe latte or better yet: a plateful of pastries to make your sweet tooth ache.

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona

While walking along the Barcelona Cathedral, we found this really awesome harpist. Barcelona has so much character to it and is always full of little and pleasant surprises.

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona

The view from outside our apartment! I could literally stare and devour their architecture all day.

Europe Travel Diary: Barcelona

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona

Casa Batlló was born from the psychedelic imagination of Antoni Gaudi. The details are so intricate that it seems like a fairy-tale was unfolding before your very eyes.  His works are definitely the epitome of Modernisme in Catalan architecture.

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona

Eurotrip Travel Diary:  Barcelona

Parc Guell, also one of Gaudi’s works, was definitely my crowned favorite for the entire trip. The mosaic details of the ceilings, the marble pillars, the sandy textures of the cave-like tunnels -there was so much aesthetic variety in the vast garden complex – and yet it all surprisingly meshed into one chaotic order.To me, it felt like discovering a pocket of heaven.

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona … make that heaven adorn with Rasta music! This was quite rewarding after hiking up the steps of Parc Guell and arriving at the mountain peak which had a nice little peaceful nature hideaway.

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia in all its unfinished yet towering glory was the last of the many architectural legacies Gaudi left in his lifetime. It was definitely breathtaking and the attention to detail was exquisite. I only have praise for Gaudi’s work, obviously.

Eurotrip Travel Diary: Barcelona

The majestic Montseratt Mountains exude an unparalleled uniqueness. Its serrated-shaped peaks lend the meaning to its name “Montseratt” which literally means “saw-edged”. I remember when the bus was only approaching and I caught a glimpse of it from afar, I heaved a sigh of wonder. And yet even if there was a healthy population of tourists parading the place that day, an overwhelming sense of tranquility stilled all over the place.

* * *

1 down, 3 to go! Barcelona made me fall in love, but Paris – well, who isn’t already in love with that place? Up on the blog soon!


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