Too Young Gone

In one lifetime, we lose a thousand things.

It can range from mundane ones, to things that feel as though they’re second skin – that once you lose them, there is a nagging nakedness, a prominent void that you tirelessly seek to fill.

We lose the same pen over and over. Keys. License Plate. Instagram Followers. Pounds. (negated as soon as you shamelessly pick up that slimy slab of pizza).

We lose our temper. We lose our minds. We lose track of time.

Through coercion or mere carelessness, you lose your laptop, cellphone, wallet, or an 8gb usb. “My whole life is in there!” – you shriek in horror; hands grasping a chunk of your hair, as if ready to pull it off: a side effect of the panic.

But then life could steal worse things from us, things that cannot be replaced. There are losses in this world that know no replacement nor consolation. Or maybe it knows some consolation but not for a very, very long time.

We lose our loved ones.

Recently, a batchmate of mine passed away after battling with leukemia.

Me and Tony weren’t close, and I only caught a glimpse of his life through Facebook – as it goes with most people I’ve lost in touch with for geographical and natural reasons. From what I knew, he was doing military service in Korea. In his military regalia, he looked like he could take on anything. So when I found out that he had passed away, it definitely came as a shock to me.

Seeing all these tributes for Tony, i’m reminded a lot about how contagious his personality was. When I conjure a mental image of him, he always looks so happy – his eyes turning into tiny slits when he smiles. There was a constant temperature of happiness whenever he was around.

And though it leaves those he left with feelings of the exact opposite, I’m sure the memories will serve its purpose: to console and remind them of his kind heart, his valiant and optimistic ways, and most especially his faith in God’s greater plan.

You did not lose the battle, Tony. You won because you fought it bravely, of that I am sure.


“This is a battle with something I never thought I’d have to deal with, especially this early in my life. I’m going to keep my head up despite how difficult and tiring the treatment process may be, and I’ll continue to pray to The Lord, our God for a speedy recovery. Thank you for all the support you’ve given me, and I’ll see you all, not if, but when I get better.” – Tony




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