Drunk Trees and Prodigal Electricity: The Glenda Aftermath

In the wake of the Glenda typhoon in Manila, the electricity was obviously down seeing as towering trees decided to slouch atop the power lines, looking like it had quite a hangover. Except that instead of an unhealthy overdose of alcohol, 170kph winds were to blame.

When the typhoon tamed to a still, the power came back up. Without much hesitation, my little sister starts proclaiming the good news on top of her lungs: “WIFI! THE WIFI IS BACK ON!” She even hops on my bed in a tone nothing shy of cheerleader perky (talk about a rude awakening from one of the best catnaps of my life).

Social media is flooded (pun unintended) with collages of the typhoon’s aftermath. Trees did not only hug power lines, but they decided to put their deadweight on cars and rooftops and across streets – condemning some roads as unpassable. Shards of glass splayed on pavements, displaced roof sheets, toppled signs, and a widespread blackout. Most of the damage I believe, is more material and less of a massacre. Though Glenda’s casualties are not at an absolute zero, it’s still quite an optimistic ratio compared to the lives lost after Typhoon Yolanda.

Let’s continue to pray for those who were affected by the typhoon. Keep safe everyone!

Images from: Yahoo! News

SM City San Pablo Damage of Typhoon GlendaDamage of Typhoon Glenda


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