Favorite Things

The Starbucks Caramel Macchiato + French Butter Croissant Tandem. By now, it must be blaringly obvious that I am not composed of 70% water as the default human fact goes, given my dangerous addiction to coffee. Can someone please ease my paranoia and tell me that three cups (maximum) a day isn’t exactly tempting an early grave on my part?

Up Dharma Down’s Capacities Album. I love how they never strayed too far from their original sound (unlike Paramore – which is now unfortunately too punk-rocky for my taste – their “All We Know Is Falling” album is unmatched). If anything, UDD can be likened to wine – gets damn better with age. Night Drops makes me want to take a

Renee Cummings (aka @naivemoon). Fragments of beautiful poetry compressed into 150 characters. I’ve always thought that people who can evoke a hurricane of emotions from one-liners are amazing. That is what I call a literary genius.

Sure beats raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitties.


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