Apocalyptic Pains

I feel that anytime now, Marvel will come to the astonishing conclusion that The Hulk actually has a female counterpart.

I am experiencing an apocalyptic pain in 3 different regions of my body and I am thisclose to going ape sh*t on anything nearby. I’ve always wanted to flip a table full of papers and watch it snow chaos. Yeah, I think today is a perfect day to tick that off my bucketlist. Except I might get fired for violent demeanor so, maybe another time when the opportunity cost isnt that high.

My current tolerance for pain is at its all-time low and this is the perfect time for me to just be lying peacefully on my wonderful mattress in a relatively artic-like temperature, in room socks and a hoodie and in the loving comfort of my duvet. Why don’t we add a cup of the most perfectly brewed coffee to that mental image? Yeah. That would be nice. Can’t do any wrong with coffee.

You might say that in this day and age, modern medicine has a simple solution: pain killers. But I’m paranoid. I’ve had one too many and isn’t there some kind of danger in taking too much Advil? So with that warning blaring in my mind, I’m going to have to go hardcore mode for this one.

I need a burger.


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