New Thought Dump Destinations

When I first saw the WordPress interface, it was love at first sight.

The layout was easier to the eyes, and it was aesthetically perfect to me. Having a pleasing interface is like having the perfect journal. You remember those right? I’m sure despite the surge of technology these days, the old tradition of pen and paper is not extinct. Yet. But i’m hoping it never does. I fear that the future generations will not experience the joy of doodling their brooding-hot Literature¬†professor’s name in their notebook’s marginalia (or does that only apply to me?)

When you have a mediocre journal, it doesn’t exactly compel you to write with flowery vocabulary. You’ll probably be monotonous and less meticulous about it, giving your feelings a bland name in the process. But you see, journalism is an art in itself. If artists have their clay, brushes and palettes, journalists are armed with their ironies, puns and metaphors (my personal favorite choice of ammunition). The figurative language is a powerful thing; it allows you to make the skies seem bluer, and it allows you to see mundane things in a beautiful light. And if you get lost in your own language, you kind of enter into this trance and you forget what you were talking about in the first place.

Like now.

So yeah, having a good blogging interface is like a good journal because it inspires you to linger a little longer and expound on the details. The whys, the hows. Instead of just merely narrating the what, who’s and the where’s. Makes sense?

So I hope I was pretty successful in justifying why the primary reason I had for moving out was because I had font issues with my old blog.


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